Ammonia Gas Detector FLD 4000

Laser based leak detector for confined space installations


No False Alarms

Photonic Innovations Ltd (PIL) laser sensors are programmed to lock onto a unique absorption feature of the target gas, in this case ammonia. This renders an extremely high detection fidelity. This technology allows it to avoid the false alarms common in chemical sensors that occur due to cross gas reactivity and sensor depletion. 

Virtually No Maintenance Required

PIL’s laser sensors are not depleted upon exposure to ammonia and other toxic gases. This means that frequent maintenance/calibration is no longer a requirement. With no filaments or chemical components, there is no need to calibrate the device and no need to replace sensors. 





Ultra Reliable Sensors

PIL’s laser sensors monitor ammonia concentration in the engine rooms at all times without degrading due to prior exposure. This means response time is consistently high. When tested against a market leading ammonia detector (fixed module) PIL’s FLD 4000 responded an order of magnitude faster; an important aspect when a massive gas leak or an explosion could be seconds away. 



Ammonia Detection By Laser: The next generation of ammonia detection

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