Ammonia OPLD 4000

Open Path leak detector for larger rooms or fence line monitoring

PIL's OPLD 4000 is ideal for protecting larger engine rooms or the periphery of a factory. The devices shines a low-powered non-dangerous laser beam across the room and collects it via a retroreflector. The OPLD 4000 offers the same benefits of the FLD system in terms of high accuracy and reliability and minimal maintenance.  



Covers leaks in rooms with bigger floor areas

The open path laser covers a much larger area as compared to point detectors. Instead of installing multiple point sensors just install one open path detector to get the job done. 


Fixed Module - Ideal for Cold Room Installations

The OPLD 4000 integrates with the central monitoring system in the plant room. Standalone modules with integrated alarms and sirens are also available. 




No need for sensor replacement

You can forget about the bills for additional sensing heads every year. PIL's laser based sensor does not need deplete with high gas concentration or massive leaks. 



More Features

No routine calibration Required
(We recommend periodic inspection)

No need for sensor Replacement

No False Alarms

Low Whole Life Costs

Fast Response Time

Very High Accuracy and Reliability

Integrates with SCADA systems

Standalone Operation Module Available