Methane FLD 2000

Specially designed for Mines, Power plants and O&G sites

If you’re a miner in a deep and dark coal mine you’re forced but afraid to bet your life on the unreliable gas detectors around you. Health & Safety in sites with explosive gases needs leak detectors with the highest level of accuracy and reliability to ensure personnel safety. PIL's Methane FLD 2000 is designed with such sites in mind. An intrinsically safe device with an IECEx certificate offers the best of safety features to personnel who work in hazardous gas filled confined spaces. 



Reliable and Accurate

With the 'best in class' laser based setup the FLD 2000 provides highly accurate and reliable methane concentration readings. We recommend periodic inspection of the device to ensure best operating practices. 


An IP55 enclosure

The FLD 2000 is designed to withstand the tough environment of mines and refineries. An IP 55 enclosure ensures that the sensor is protected from dangerous dusts and liquids. 




No need for sensor replacement

The industries with inflammable gases spend heavily on maintenance of their gas leak detectors. PIL's FLD 2000 ensures that the maintenance costs decrease substantially while offering world class leak detection accuracy and reliability. 


More Features

Coming Soon: IECEx Certified©

Fast Response Time

Intrinsically Safe

No False Alarms


No need for sensor replacement

Low Whole Life Cost

High Accuracy and Reliability

Integrates with SCADA systems